Rowing Day Camp

Rowing (Sculling) Skills Camp is typically offered from the end of June to the end of August.  Class sizes will be small: 8 students per instructor is the maxiRowing Campmum number.  We teach sculling (rowing with two oars) which is a symmetrical, low impact, fitness sport recommended for teens by Rowing Canada.  The lessons will be targeted to novice scullers and stress teaching technical skills of balance, good stroke movement, even hand levels, and efficient manoeuvring.  Drills help novice scullers acquire the basic technique.  Boat handling and water safety will be important topics.   Fun will be a key element of the program, including Friday excursions, if weather permits.

In 2015 we introduced afternoon rowing camp for the first time and we will continue this in 2016.  Afternoon rowing will be done in the most stable boats. Afternoon participants will get a chance to try stand-up paddle-boarding and rowing on a paddle-board as well.

For safety reasons the equipment used will be restricted to be touring and recreational boats, including 2 Hudson T-7 doubles, 1 Hudson T-11 quad, 1 Hudson T-6 touring single, 1 Alden Quest touring single, and 1 Eden youth single.

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