ONEC Mixed Singles House Ladder

House ladders are an excellent way for players of all levels to meet other players of similar ability for friendly competition.

Players are placed in houses of 4 players, and have 3 weeks to arrange a game with each of the other players in the house. Players then move up or down the ladder for the next session according to their results.

Singles Ladder Rules

Points are earned for participation as well as for winning. You have 3 weeks to contact and play a set with each of the other players in your house. Then the top players move up and the bottom players move down for the next session.

Signing up

  1. Initially, you must sign up at the front desk of the tennis pavilion. The contact information you provide will be shared with the other players for the purpose of arranging matches.
  2. The ladder is open to men, women, and junior members with full memberships.
  3. In the first round participants will be placed according to their player rating or an evaluation by the ladder coordinator. (As an accurate rating is essential for proper placement, new players are strongly encouraged to consult the tennis pro on rating levels)

Arranging and playing matches

  1. Contact the other players in your house as soon as possible to arrange a time to play. Don’t wait to arrange your matches. If you wait till the last week your opponent may be away, or you may get rained out! Sessions will never be extended due to weather.
  2. Both players should bring new or nearly new ITF-approved balls.
  3. Matches will be one normal set (first to 6 by 2 games, tie-break at 6-all) unless both participants agree to a different format prior to the match. Hint: play outside the busiest court times to ensure you can finish your match.
  4. Although the set should be completed whenever possible, sometimes that may not be feasible if another court is not immediately available. A set that can’t be completed will be scored a tie unless a player is leading by 2 or more games.
  5. Both players are responsible for recording the result on the sheet on the bulletin board in the Pavilion. See the instructions on that sheet: record only W=win L=loss or T=tie.
  6. Because points are awarded for participation, you must never record a score unless you actually play the match! In particular you cannot claim a win “by default”!
  7. At the end of each session, players are awarded 3 points for each win, 2 for a tie, and 1 for a loss. The top ranked player in each house then moves up and the bottom player will move down for the next session. Because players enter and leave the ladder each session, the size and number of houses could vary, hence the number of players moving up and down may vary. You are expected to play ALL your matches; otherwise you spoil the ladder for the others in your house!
  8. If you are unable to play your matches for good reason (e.g. illness, injury, family emergency) you must inform the coordinator.
  9. If you know in advance you will be unable to play in a session because of injury, vacation, or any other reason you must inform the coordinator before the end of the previous session. Once a session has been posted it is usually impossible to replace you – you must then make every effort to play.

 For more information, contact Phil Hurcomb, Ladder Coordinator at


Session 2017 Entry Deadline Likely Start Date End Date
1 June 5 June 9 June 30
2 June 26 July 1 July 22
3 July 19 July 24 August 14
4 August 10 August 15 September 5
5 September 1 September 6 September 27