Welcome to ONEC Rowing! Our vision is to be the foremost recreational, touring and distance sculling club in Canada.

The Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (ONEC) offers rowing opportunities for its members using club-owned boats and an online boat reservation system. Do you have your own rowing shell? We provide rackage for boats of club members (subject to space availability).

We are your sculling specialists. Sculling is rowing with two arms and two blades. It is a symmetrical, low impact, all body fitness activity. Rowing Canada Aviron recommends that you start rowing in a small sculling boat and this is how we teach.

How do you get into rowing? Learn to Scull is a series of six lessons on Saturday/Sunday mornings or Monday/Wednesday evenings, over three consecutive weeks.

ONEC Rowing offers sculling programs and clinics for all skill levels. We emphasize the health and fitness benefits of both recreational sculling and distance/endurance events, including tours, head races and marathons. Consult our Rowing Calendar for an idea of activities in the works for the upcoming season.

Are you looking for opportunities to row with others in a group or on tours? ONEC offers a touring program and a full slate of scheduled group rows for all levels of scullers. Take a look at the Schedule of tours and group rows to see what’s available.

The highlight of our season is the Canadian Sculling Marathon in late August, an annual distance event where ONEC members are joined by rowers from other Ontario clubs and even other countries. Challenge yourself on the 10 km, 21 km or 42 km course! You can learn more here.

Appreciating the beauty of the Ottawa River on the water and from the Club’s boathouse, and enjoying the company of fellow scullers and other members at regular social activities, are additional advantages of club membership!

The Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (ONEC) is a volunteer-driven club with a Rowing Director sitting on the ONEC Board. The Rowing Consultative Committee is designed to broaden and deepen member involvement with the rowing program and operations, including recreational touring, regattas, safety, membership and equipment. We also have Touring, Safety, and Distance Sub-Committees and a Meet-up site for scheduling events.

Information on rules and policies, equipment, safety and Rowing Newsletters can be found under Rowing Resources on the drop-down Rowing menu.

Interested in getting involved or need more information? Consult our Contacts page.

Sculling Traffic
With many scullers and rowers on the water, to avoid a collision it is essential that you follow the official sculling traffic routes.

Sculling Traffic Route Map
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