Canadian Sculling Marathon

Canadian Sculling Marathon

Sunday, August 27, 2017 – FULL (42 km) and HALF (21 km) marathons


An endurance challenge for scullers

Since 2005, the rowing section of the Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (ONEC) has organized an annual distance challenge using touring, open-water and coastal shells on the Ottawa River: the Canadian Sculling Marathon (CSM). Inspired by the world-renowned Canadian Ski Marathon, it stresses participation, fitness, endurance and fun!

A distance event under the banner of the Ontario Adventure Rowing Association, the CSM offers a choice of a full marathon (42 km) or a half marathon (21 km). The scenery along both routes is as spectacular as it is varied: you’ll see some of the capital’s most famous landmarks, shoreline recreational pathways, and protected wetlands and forested areas.

Pick up your CSM kit on Saturday evening at the historic ONEC boathouse, and meet other CSM participants over drinks and snacks on our deck overlooking the Ottawa River. On Sunday, following the events and medal ceremonies, join us for a BBQ lunch at the boathouse. All participants will receive special CSM medals and T-shirts commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday.

For more information, the schedule, maps of the route and the registration form, click here. You may register and pay online at the online registration site.

10 K OPEN— Saturday, August 26, 2017

The 10 K Open is a ‘friendly’ event primarily for ONEC members, and all types of rowing shells are allowed. New for 2017: No registration fee! More information on the event will be available here.

CSM Results (2006-2016)

CSM Results 2016
Full marathon
  1. Kevin Mahoney 3:47:47
  2. JC Marly & Eric Hall (Hanlan) 4:08:22
  3. John Easton 4:14:27
  4. Andrew MacDonald (ONEC) 4:14:36
Half marathon
  1. ONEC quad (Aileen Girouard, Joan Robertson, Roxanne Deevey, Christina Albers, Sherry Dolan) 1:44:39
  2. Giusseppe Lund 1:47
  3. Euro-mex quad (Stefan Kyburz (Switz.), Rosana (Mex.), Anke Cordes (Ger.), Sabine Cordes (Ger.), Astrid Consoni (Switz.)) 1:54:22
  4. Hanlan quad (Hugh Fletcher, Tracy McKenzie, Geoff Church, Carrie-Anne Methe, Annalea) 1:56
  5. Hanlan quad (Margery Roden, Petra U, Sarah Ward, Peter Pennefather, Maureen Williams) 1:56:02
  6. Bernadette West, Robert Wright (Florida) 2:00
  7. Hanlan quad (Phil Kim, Zarko Klasnja, Ana Klasnja, Mathieu Duboc, Shawna Pereira) 2:02:12
  8. Claire Schofield, John Schofield (ONEC) 2:12:04
  9. Peter Jepson 2:12:32
  10. Bern Rochon (ONEC) 2:13:03
  11. Homam Michael (Durham) & Volker Fritz (Switzerland) 2:17:40
  12. Carl Shaver (ONEC) 2:17:50
  13. Sheila Perry & Rob James (ONEC) 2:23:29
  14. Tom Butscher (Toronto) 2:29:35
  1. Giusseppe Lund 47:59
  2. Laurent Lenert (ONEC) 54:24
  3. Krista Ramonat (ONEC) 56:08
  4. Upper Canada quad (Sylvie Sabourin, Jessica Kuhn, Taylor Rodgers, Kylee Amell, Amanda Van Loeun) 1:07:55
  5. Stephen Bartlett 1:09:29

Congratulations to Hanlan for winning the Hensler Endurance Trophy this year! They won for having the most participants entered in the full marathon.

Congratulations to all participants for their achievements in the 2016 CSM!!