Rowing Contacts

The Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (ONEC) is a volunteer club with a Rowing Director sitting on the ONEC Board, and also a Rowing Consultative Committee (volunteers) responsible for different areas including (but not limited to): recreational touring, regattas, safety, membership, and equipment.

Richard Vincent
Rowing Director
(613) 724-4816

Mary Clark
Touring Co-ordinator

Bernard Rochon
Equipment Co-ordinator

John Boyd
(613) 737-7191

Andy Surray
Safety Officer

Gillian Williamson
Distance Event Coordinator
(613) 692-1798

Bruce Akins
Rowing (Sculling) Consultation Committee Chair

Jonathan Morris
Rack Committee Chair

Liane Bell

Luc Orsali
Rowing Website &
Reservation System

* Other touring contacts can be found under individual tours.

Sculling Coaches

  • John Boyd – John is ONEC’s LTS (Learn to Scull) Head Coach. Read more about him below.
  • Andy Surray – Andy is a level 2 coach who offers a variety of clinics for the more advances sculler.
  • Norma Stracha – Read more about her below.
  • Other coaches – ONEC is fortunate to have many certified level 1 and/or learn-to-row coaches. These include Richard Vincent, Betty Ward, Janet Thornton, Karin Germann, and Jonathan Morris.

John Boyd

As a failing soccer player, John Boyd joined the rowing club at his high school in England at age 14. His motives were not pure; in an effort to keep fit and participate in any event that would get him out of his boarding school a few times a term, any price was worth paying. He got hooked – and still is 40 years later. In 1978, he committed himself to try for the UK Olympic rowing squad and it was during this time that he received coaching of such high standards that his technical abilities developed tremendously. Racing in Europe in the summer of ’78, was the highlight of his rowing career. The coaching he received during this period has stuck with him and is the basis of the technical style he uses today. He was head coach of Ottawa Rowing Club in the early ’80s, taking a men’s lightweight doubles crew to Europe in 1986. John joined the ONEC in the summer of 2000 and has never looked back. He is often heard to say, “this is the best club I have ever had the privilege to belong to”. John coaches learn-to-scull sessions each weekend morning and a technical clinic for more advanced scullers on Monday evenings through out the summer. He is available for coaching from the bow seat upon request.


Heather Mason and John Boyd: 2004 recipients of the ONEC Award for Coaching Excellence

Norma Strachan

Norma Strachan represents those people who picked up rowing in mid-life. She brings her physiotherapy background as a basis through which to understand rowing, both on and off the water. She has completed her Level I Rowing Coaching Certification and is using this coaching training to develop the Step-2 Program with Richard Vincent to assist new rowers to make the transition from Learn to Scull programs to more advanced levels.