Equipment Care

The Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (ONEC)has a great selection of boats to meet the needs of its members. Boat care is of utmost concern and we ask all rowers to review our Boat Care Guide to ensure our equipment remains in good condition. Sport singles are only rowed by very skilled rowers, for safety reasons, as they are most tipsy.

ONEC currently has the following boats:


  • “Poonamalie”, “Hogs Back” and “Hartwell” – Alden Star recreational — all weights
  • “Stealth” – Hudson cruiser recreational – all weights
  • “Quest” – Alden Quest recreational – all weights
  • “Black Rapids” – Hudson T-6 touring/recreational — all weights
  • “Narrows” – elite racing light-weight**
  • “Sir John A.” sport-model racing mid-weight**
  • “Mary Wells” elite racing heavyweight**
  • “Klara Boadway” sport-model racing heavyweight**


  • “Newboro” – Hudson T-7 (blue) touring/recreational — all weights
  • “Chaffeys” – Hudson T-7 (red) touring/recreational – all weights
  • “Renaissance” sport-model racing lightweight
  • “Spika” elite racing wooden heavyweight
  • “Bower & Post” elite racing mid-weight
  • “Our Scotty” – elite heavyweight
  • “Bev&Trice” – Kaschper midweight


  • Mighty Odawa” – Hudson T-11 touring/recreational — all weights
  • Jones Falls” – wooden racing quad**

** These racing/sport single shells are for use only by skilled, senior rowers for safety reasons. You should have at least 3 years’ experience before trying sport singles, when water conditions are warm and calm. Each rower wanting to use these boats must receive approval from an ONEC Rowing coach (John Boyd or Andrew Surray). Only upon this approval will the boat be “activated” for specific rowers in the online ONEC Boat Reservation System.
If you are in doubt about how to carry any boat please ask a coach or contact the club before booking the boat. Please note that non-touring shells have fragile fins (skegs) which are easily damaged. Your attention to boat care ensures the boats last longer and remain in good condition for all of us, so if in doubt, please ask for help lifting or for advice.

Only the quad can be lifted by the gunnels. Do not carry it or any other boats using the riggers. The quad is particularly designed for touring purposes. It must still be treated with care; in particular know where the rudder is and where to step in the boat.

In General

When returning with a boat:

  • Return and secure the boat to its rack
  • Return and lock oars to their rack
  • Return and lock lifejackets to their rack

In the case of damage or repairs contact the club equipment manager.

All boats should be carried by at least two people. Only racing singles may be carried by a single experienced rower only if nobody else is available.

Personal possessions left at the Club are there at your risk. Several groups use the club and thus equipment left unlocked can disappear. Lockers are available in the washrooms for storage of equipment during your row, please provide your own lock.

In the evening if you are the last crew and there are no sailors out, please shut the back door.
Above all, please remember that you are stewards of the boathouse and the club’s boats. Please treat these shared assets as your own and with the tender care they deserve.