ONEC Cold Water Policy: Club Boats and Private Boats

When water temperature is 10°C or below, sculling is NOT PERMITTED, except for a controlled red season quad program.

When water temperature is 11° through 15°C, the following applies

  • Only intermediate/advanced (confirmed by ONEC coach) scullers
  • Scullers must carefully evaluate weather conditions, and water conditions such as waves and current, before deciding to scull
  • Scullers must wear a personal flotation device (PFD)
  • Scullers must wear clothing appropriate for the conditions
    • “Select materials in clothing that allow the body to stay dry and insulated against heat loss but with flexibility for the rowing motion and activity.”
  • Scullers should carry a cell phone for emergency use
    • A minimum TWO SHELLS from the following list must launch together and return together, and stay within 100 meters of each other at all times
      • Alden Star (1X),
      • Hudson Stealth (Violetta — 1X),
      • Hudson T6 (1X),
      • Wintech 21 (1X)
    • The three shells in the following list may be used alone and without an escort boat
      • Hudson T7 (2X),
      • Hudson T11 (4X),
      • Wintech quad (4X)
    • Racing 1X and 2X may be used only during a scheduled coach boat escorted row
    • May be used only during a scheduled coach boat escorted row
  • Note 1: Scullers should be familiar with the content of the website Cold Water Boot Camp:
  • Note 2: If you have any question about cold water hazards or the ONEC Cold Water Policy, contact the ONEC Sculling Director or an ONEC Sculling coach

When water temperature is 17°C and higher the following applies

  • Scullers should continue to take precautions appropriate to their sculling experience and the weather and water conditions.