Sales & Apparel

Rowing Suppliers

Concept 2 (oars and indoor rowing machines)
Morrisville, VT, USA

Craftsbury Outdoor Centre (rowing camps)
Craftsbury Common, VT, USA

Crocker Oars
Oxley Island, NSW, Australia

Durham Boat Company (Dreher recreational and racing shells, oars)
Durham, New Hampshire, USA

ECHO Rowing Shells (open water boats)
Kittery Point, Maine, USA

Eurodiffusion (coastal boats)
Avignon, France

Hudson Boat Works (racing shells, oars)
London, Ontario

Levator Rowing Shells (racing shells)
Dorchester, Ontario

Maple Leaf Rowers (Wintech supplier)
Grimsby, Ont.

Maas Boat Company (open water boats)
Richmond, CA

Regatta Sport (rowing uniforms and accessories)
Port Dalhousie, Ontario

Rowing-in-Europe (commercial row tours)

Rowing the World (commercial row tours)

Swift Racing (touring, open water, and racing boats; oars)

  • Swift Racing is a European company which designs boats manufactured in China

Wintech Racing (open water and racing boats; oars)

  • Wintech Racing is an American company which designs boats manufactured in China