Touring in rowing shells is rapidly increasing in popularity in Europe and North America. It’s a wonderful way to benefit from physical exercise, take in beautiful scenery, and enjoy the company of friends. And ONEC members are spoilt for choice when it comes to scenic waterways.

The ONEC and OAR touring programs feature excursions to nearby lakes and waterways, ranging in length from a few hours to several days. They may include a picnic, lunch at a waterside restaurant, sightseeing or an overnight stay at a hotel or campground. The emphasis is on skills development, teamwork and camaraderie!

Participating in tours is a great way to build up skill and endurance. Novice, intermediate and advanced rowers have opportunities to develop their stroke through tours tailored to their skill level. Novice tours start from the ONEC boathouse and explore the Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers. Intermediate tours, offered by ONEC and by the Ontario Adventure Rowing (OAR) Association, generally involve loading boats on trailers, which are used to transport them to and from the launch site. Advanced rowers can choose from OAR-sponsored tours with scullers from other clubs.

Un bon nombre des responsables de nos excursions sont bilingues. N’hésitez pas à communiquer avec eux et à participer aux randonnées en français.

ONEC is committed to providing a safe rowing experience and we encourage all our members to review our Rowing Safety page. The ONEC Touring Guidelines focuses on safety rules and responsibilities, and is intended for tour leaders, captains and crew members.

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