ONEC Tours and Group Rows

Participating in group rows and tours is an intrinsic part of the ONEC experience. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rower, they allow you to improve your skills and discover the Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers, as well as beautiful rivers, lakes and canals further afield.

And then there’s the fun side! Tours usually involve a picnic lunch and time to socialize. And after an evening row on the Ottawa and/or Gatineau Rivers, kick back and enjoy drinks and a BBQ on the upper deck of the boathouse on Pub Nights. The view of the Ottawa River is spectacular and you’ll get to know other ONEC members from sailing and tennis at the same time! Or if you join a weekend row, enjoy a tasty breakfast at a nearby restaurant or café afterwards!

ONEC Rowing is Bilingual!

A number of the group rowers and tour leaders are bilingual and are always pleased to communicate in French or English.

Reserve a Seat!

Many group rows and tours take place in quads in which seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Once you have successfully completed the sculling prerequisites and are a full ONEC Rowing member, you’ll receive an invitation to join Meetup – a quick and easy social networking platform used to announce tours and rows and for registration. Also remember to reserve a scull through the ONEC Rowing Reservations System if you’re joining a group row in a single or a double.
For further information, please email Joan Robertson or Liane Bell at

Important Note: you must be an ONEC member or a registered member of another rowing club to participate in ONEC’s Group Rows and Tours.

Ontario Adventure Rowing (OAR) Tours

To expand the range of tours, ONEC partners with the Ontario Adventure Rowing Association (OAR) that offers a wide range of rowing activities with something for everyone. From a leisurely row along one of Ontario’s beautiful waterways, to more challenging coastal rowing on an open lake, and long distance rowing marathons. For more information, visit the OAR website at

Day, Overnight and Special Tours (ONEC/OAR)

The ONEC Touring Program presents its members with a fabulous opportunity to explore Ontario’s many lakes and rivers. This year’s highlights include the Rideau Lakes Tour in May, the Canadian Sculling Marathon to Montebello in late August and the Icicle Chase in October. To view a detailed list, please click here

ONEC Group Row Schedule

Intro to Touring and Quad Rows

  • 1 to 1-1/2 hour rows in a coxed quad on the Ottawa River.
  • Introduces group and distance rowing concepts.
  • Dates are listed on the ONEC website. Also watch for Meetup notifications or the ONEC touring schedule for weekend dates.

Thursday Evening Group and Quad Rows

June to September

  • 1 to 1-1/2 hours in a coxed quad and/or singles or doubles on the Ottawa River.
  • Depart the ONEC boathouse at 7 pm in June and July and 6:30 pm in August and September.
  • Enjoy drinks and a BBQ and Pub Night afterwards on the upper deck of the boathouse!

Friday Morning Group Rows

July to August

  • Depart the ONEC boathouse at 8:30 am.

Weekend Morning Quad Rows + Breakfast (optional)

June to September

  • 1 to 3 hour row in a coxed quad and/or singles or doubles on the Ottawa and/or Gatineau Rivers.
  • Sundays in June and August and Saturdays in July and September.
  • Depart the ONEC boathouse at 7:30 am in June, July and August, at 8 am in September.
    Note: in July and August, join us for a fun and tasty post-row breakfast!

Safety First!

ONEC is committed to providing a safe rowing experience and strongly encourages all members to review the Rowing Safety page. The ONEC Touring Guidelines also focus on safety rules and responsibilities and is intended for tour leaders, captains and crew members alike.