Harbour Master

This page contains technical information on matters relating to boats and docks;

ONEC Docks-2008.for information on how the docks were constructed in 2008;

Dock and Anchor Plan, 2010, for the arrangement and anchoring of docks in 2010;

Laser Construction for the inside of a Laser hull;

Laser rigging for how to rig a Laser.

Information on the levels is available online at    http://www.ottawariver.ca/river-levels-flows.php
Ottawa River at Hull, Mean Monthly Water Levels, 1965-2014

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
      Mean 41.96 42.02 42.02 42.28 42.18 41.73 41.49 41.39 41.35 41.47 41.65 41.88


Elevations are approximate.