Half Day Camp

ONEC is happy to offer a half-day program, where campers can have the best of both worlds!

Typically, students can pick to split their camp experience between tennis, paddling and rowing, or just do half the day of rowing (a.m.), paddling (p.m.) or tennis a.m. or p.m. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to restrict half-day camps to only Tennis and Rowing. Moreover, children may only participate in a single sport per week, and may not split their camp experience into various sports.

Pick up and drop off for students only participating in one half of the day is at the pavilion.

Students participating in the sailing portion of the half-day program are encouraged to come out, have fun, get their feet wet, and get a feel for the sport, but will not be able to achieve a CYA certification level for their participation.

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