Intro To Camps

The Ottawa New Edinburgh Club’s sailing program exists to teach and promote water safety, the sport of sailing, and encourage skill development in a safe environment. The program emphasizes the enjoyment and lifetime benefits of active participation in sport.

Our tennis program aims to provide your child with the basic fundamentals of tennis, to build his/her co-operation skills, court etiquette, self esteem and confidence—all the while creating an environment that fosters an appreciation and enjoyment of the game.

Our rowing program’s enrollment is kept small to give your child enough attention for them to truly hone their skills. It focuses on developing basic techniques so that campers can safely and confidently row in a variety of boats and conditions, and foster an enjoyment of the sport that will last a lifetime.

These objectives, combined with our energetic staff’s commitment and passion for their sports, will make our summer camp a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable experience for your child.

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