Camp Safety

We take safety seriously. Please go over the following rules with your child prior to their participation in ONEC day camps.

  1. Life jackets must be worn at all times on the stairs, docks and water.
  2. Wear secured shoes while on the stairs, dock and water.
  3. Wear an appropriate amount of clothing.
  4. No smoking, alcohol or drugs.
  5. Don’t leave the docks unless the instructor says so.
  6. Swimming is only allowed while an instructor is supervising.
  7. If you hear lots of whistles (and a red flag), head in immediately.
  8. Stay away from Out of Bounds areas.
    • Workshop, hoists, rocks, rowing scullery, construction work areas, etc.
  9. Don’t leave your group without permission from your instructors.
    • Use the buddy system. No day camp participants should be alone.
  10. Only cross the road with a coach or coach-in-training.
  11. Respect all boating equipment and do not let equipment drag on the ground.
  12. Respect instructors and listen attentively when they are talking
  13. Respect each other (no fighting, name calling or bullying at any time).
  14. Use recyclable or reusable plastic bottles for drinking water (no glass).
  15. Help keep the sailing school tidy and don’t litter (clean up at the end of day).
  16. Obey capacity limits on all boats.
  17. Don’t climb or jump out of boats while they’re in motion.
  18. Keep fingers away from being in between the boats and dock while at dock.
  19. Make sure everything is properly put away at the end of each day.
  20. Have fun!

A Note On Concussions

Concussions are a health issue that have been in the news the past few years. While rowing and tennis participants have a minimal risk of getting a concussion,  the risk is higher for participants in sailing.

In accordance with ONEC procedures, you will be advised if your child sustains a direct or indirect force to the head. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following:

Ontario Sailing Concussion Policy

Parachute Concussion Information and Resources

Please note that although helmets are not required to be worn at sailing camp, some sailors have started to wear them while practicing the sport in order to reduce the risk and impact of concussions. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for anyone making fun of another camper for wearing a helmet.

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