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Hi Paddlers

Our sailing friend, Alan, who is in charge of motor boat and dock set up has put out the following request.  Please look at the criteria he requires. If you are able to help him on Saturday,April 14 at 10, please email him directly at to let him know .

"On 14 April, Sunday, starting at 10 AM we will be having a work party to put the motor boats in the water. The two whalers will be trailered to Rockcliffe and launched; three aluminum boats are on the bicycle path and will be launched by hand using the ramp at the site. We will also be moving 10 anchors from shore to the docks.  We should have a dozen people for the job. It will involve some heavy lifting and work on the water so bring life jackets.I would like to have three vehicles with trailer hitches to tow the power boats to Rockcliffe. It would be good if  we had a couple of trucks as we will be moving motors, and maybe anchors, down from the tennis oval to the shore.+If you can bring a truck or car with a trailer hitch please let me know. Hope to see you there."


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