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Learning the Racing Rules of Sailing

After two years of no racing at ONEC due to COVID-19, we will be racing again in the upcoming season - hence you may want to brush up (or learn from scratch) the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

Here's what we recommend:

1. Read the US Sailing "Around the Race Course" presentation. It will give you the basic information required to understand what is expected on the race course.

2. Read the official "Racing Rules of Sailing" from World Sailing. You will only need to focus on Part 2: When Boat Meets.

3. Test your knowledge with the UK Racing Rules Quiz Program.

4. Put your knowledge to the test by racing with other members! Even new members can participate in racing by joining an experienced skipper in one of our CL-16 boats. It is a great way to get some additional training.

SailONEC Racing Gallery

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