Novice Learn-To-Scull (LTS)

  • You will learn basic sculling technique and practise balance in small sculling boats.
  • We focus on teaching the stroke, proper hand levels, boat manoeuvring, and boat care/equipment
  • Five classes of 1 ½ hours plus one ‘rain date class’, over a period of three weeks
  • Pre-requisite: ability to swim
  • Early season classes are offered beginning in early June and mid-season classes are offered beginning in late June.
  • For registration information, go to ONEC/Membership/Forms.

Step 2: Learn-To-Scull (LTS)

  • You will consolidate what you learned in Novice LTS to be able to scull safely on the Ottawa and nearby rivers.
  • Four lessons of 1 ½ hours plus four practices, over a period of four weeks
  • At the end there will be an assessment of your sculling skills and understanding.
  • Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Novice Learn-to-Scull or at least one year of sculling experience
  • Offered beginning in June and July
  • For registration information, go to ONEC/Membership/Forms.

Step 3: Making the Most of Your Sculling Experience

  • This program is free for ONEC Rowing members.
  • Are you physically uncomfortable while sculling? Let’s fix that
  • Is there something specific in technique you’d like to improve? Let’s do that
  • Not sure what you need? Let’s work on the thing that’ll bring you greatest gains
  • Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Step 2 Learn-to-Scull or equivalent competency gained at another Club
  • Offered in June, July, and August
  • For more information: check the Rowing Calendar.

Clinics and Workshops

  • On-water and off-water clinics and workshops are offered throughout the year to ONEC Rowing members. Most clinics are free or have a nominal charge. See the Rowing Calendar for this year’s offerings.
  • Pre-requisite for on-water clinics: Step 2 (Learn-to-Scull) ‘graduation’ or equivalent.

Touring and Quad Rowing

  • ONEC offers many opportunities to hop into a quad and row including group rows and tours.
  • Pre-requisite for quad rows: “Introduction to Quad Rowing” which is free for members.
  • If you have some experience in a crew boat, but need a refresher, come to the “Quad Refresher” clinic which is free for members.
  • For dates and times, please see the Rowing Calendar.

Orientation and Assessment

  • At the beginning of the season and at several points thereafter, rowers who are new to sculling at ONEC will be able to join in an Orientation to ONEC session and have their sculling competency assessed.
  • Learn about safety on the Ottawa River, rowing patterns, how to use the boat reservation system, and other important information to make your sculling experience safe and fun.
  • Pre-requisite: Extensive sculling experience at another rowing club or at ONEC two years ago or earlier.
  • For more information, go to ONEC/Membership/Forms.

Coach Contacts

  • The contact information for the coaches are on the Rowing Contact list on the ONEC/Rowing website.

Coaching Development

  • Much of the coaching at ONEC Sculling is given by volunteers. We encourage members to follow coaching courses given by Row Ontario to get trained and become certified. You can contact the coaching development officer on the Rowing Contact list on the ONEC/Rowing website.