Rowing Rules & Policies

ONEC Sculling Rules for Accessing ONEC Club Boats
Rules for accessing ONEC club boats

ONEC Sculling Guest Rules for ONEC Club Boats. All rowing guests must sign and date a guest waiver form before rowing. The form should be left in the “scullery” or tennis pavilion.
Policy for guests using ONEC club boats

ONEC Private Singles Storage Policy
Policy for private singles storage at ONEC.

Cold Water Policy
Coldwater safety rules are necessary when water temperatures are 16°C and lower, usually in the Spring and Fall. Please read the following rules if you are interested in cold water rowing.
ONEC Cold Water Policy

Sculling Traffic
With many scullers and rowers on the water, to avoid a collision it is essential that you follow the official sculling traffic routes.

ScullingTrafficRuleAndPatternsMap (1)
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NOTE: Don’t let existence of sculling traffic routes give you a false sense of security! Expect to encounter rowers and scullers from both ONEC and the ORC, and fishing boats and cruisers, on the wrong side of the river at any time. Practise defensive sculling; always be checking for hazards in the direction you are sculling.

CAUTION WHEN CROSSING THE RIVER While crossing the river from/to the ONEC boathouse, scan for other river traffic: also crossing the river; travelling upstream or downstream both near the shore and near the centre of the river.

Red Season Quad Program

The Red Season Quad Program (RSQP) provides opportunities to continue
sculling — in a recreational quad — after the red season begins (when all other shells are prohibited from launching).

RSQP may be active in May and November

RSQP operates under a set of stringent, special rules and requires dry land training before participation.


Red Season Quad Rules


The November sessions will be preceded by safety training and
open to all club members with at least intermediate sculling experience.

Session times to be announced in October.


If you have questions about RSQP please contact the Program Coordinator, Jon, at