Program Goals


To be the foremost recreational, touring, and distance-specialist sculling club in Canada.


  • Retain membership and integrate new members by offering the best-value sculling programs and clinics in Ottawa, improving facilities and equipment, providing social opportunities, outreaching to members, and meeting or exceeding members’ expectations
  • Offer excellent distance and endurance training and supporting distance sculling events (including tours, head races, and marathons)
  • Become recognized as the leading recreational/touring sculling club in Ontario by successfully hosting RowOntario tours (e.g., the Canadian Sculling Marathon and Ottawa Valley tours), organizing excellent Club tours, participating in RowOntario-sanctioned tours, and securing equipment and facilities required to support these projects
  • Promote rowing for life
  • Respect the sculling needs of each member
  • Continue the Rowing Consultative Committee structure to broaden and deepen member involvement with rowing program operations
  • Emphasis the health and fitness aspects of recreational sculling by promoting endurance events as well as training, fitness and nutrition workshops/plans
  • Outreach to the community