Rowing Reservations

ONEC Rowing members in good standing will have access to the online ONEC Boat Reservation System. Members will be sent their logon name and password information at the e-mail address they provided. This is the same e-mail address that will be associated with their logon account.

If you do not receive your logon information, please contact the Reservation System Administrator by e-mail at

We will do our best to respond to inquiries/messages within 72hrs (the system is run by volunteers).

Go to the ONEC Boat Reservation System

Get the instruction manual (PDF)

Racing Single Shells

For your safety, the racing or performance single shells are for use only by skilled rowers when appropriate water conditions prevail. To be able to reserve and row them, you must have prior approval from an ONEC Rowing Coach (see coaches listed in Rowing Contacts). Only after this approval is submitted to the System Administrator will the appropriate boat(s) be “activated” for specified rower(s) in the online ONEC Boat Reservation System.

We kindly request that you follow this process to gain access to the racing singles; do not contact the ONEC Boat Reservation System Administrator directly. We will do our best to activate boats within 72 hrs of receiving the proper authorization.

ONEC Boat Reservation System Rules:

All ONEC rowing members are given access to the Boat Reservation system once they have completed all requirements for becoming a full rowing member, i.e. completed Learn to Scull and Orientation, or completed a competency assessment and Orientation.

As there are more members than boats, to ensure fair and safe use of the ONEC club boats by ONEC Rowing (sculling)members, please observe the following rules when reserving and using the boats:

  • Boats may be reserved in increments of 30 minutes, to a maximum of 1hr30mins
  • Boats may be reserved from 5:30 am to 9:00pm. Hours may be reduced in spring and fall due to shorter days
  • Boats may not be reserved more than 2 weeks in advance, unless for a club event.
  • In the case of a club event, the event organizer may book boats more than 2 weeks in advance. Event bookings have priority over individual bookings.
  • If you will not be able to make it to your reservation, please delete your reservation so that someone else may book the boat. Only a very limited number of “no shows” will be tolerated, after which reservation privileges may be suspended.
  • Please vary the boats and times you row. The same boat may not be booked more than three times per week by the same member
  • Each ONEC rowing member with boat reservation privileges has an account and should book his/her own boat. In case it is necessary to book a boat for another member, please use the “description” box of the reservation to enter the name of the person for whom the boat is being booked.

The Reservation System will be monitored by the Rowing Director and infractions may be subject to 1) warnings and 2) sanctions by the RCC, including possible suspension of boat reservation privileges. The warnings and sanctions will be communicated by the rowing director or the chair of the RCC.