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I am back from my Tour du Mont Blanc/Alps hiking adventure. Oh so so many great memories and photos!!! Looking forward to rowing again, I just need to figure out how to get the mid-season membership coupon code to work (SUMMERFUN does not appear to work) or maybe I have to wait until next week for register?

John Moore
John Moore
43 minutes ago

Don’t think mid season rates are available until early August. Hope you had a great hiking adventure!

Mi piace

Can anyone recommend a physiotherapist who might be a good fit for female rowers/paddlers/swimmers? If you have a recommendation but would prefer to share it privately, please feel free to do so. Thanks!

The Klara (Wintech Explorer 24 single, restricted access) is now available for booking on the reservation system! NOTE: Unlike the Clowes, this Explorer is not a step-in model — when boarding, put your foot on the no-slip strip on the decking,

Thanks to Sherry and Alyssa for car-topping the Klara back yesterday, and to Christina and Jonathan for getting it rigged.

Christoph Laeer

Thank you Jonathan and Christina - doing the dirty work washing and disinfecting all the oars.

Christoph Laeer
Mary Clark
Jenny M (paddling member)

2 hero's of the sport.

Mi piace


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