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Policy for Private Singles Storage at ONEC

A Private Boat Storage Policy has been developed to address ONEC’s finite boat storage capacity. The club recognizes the positive contributions and consequences of members owning their own boats.

  1. ONEC will do its best to accommodate private boats, but is unable to guarantee that space will always be available for private boats. ONEC reserves the right to reclaim boat storage space. If this is required boats will be removed on a last-in first-out basis.

  2. Racks remain the property of ONEC and the Rackage Committee reserves the right to assign and reassign racks as required.

  3. Individuals storing shells at ONEC must be members in good standing. This means that all fees and dues owing have been paid in full (membership fees plus rack fees, etc., see fee section below).

  4. New requests for rack space must be made in writing or email to the Rackage Co-ordinator (see Rowing Contacts page on website). Requests should include boat size and type. Current club members will have precedence over those applying for a rack (and membership) from outside the club. Requests will be ranked by date of receipt.

    • All rack occupants are to provide the make, colour and name (or, if unnamed, the serial number) of their boat to the Rackage Committee.

  5. The waiting list will be maintained by the Rackage committee. When a rack space becomes available, the first person on the waiting list will be advised.

  6. Articles that can be stored under this rental agreement include one boat, one set of blades and rigging. Car top carriers must be identified and may be stored in the boathouse if space is available. The location for storage of equipment will be identified by the Rackage Committee.

  7. The allocation of a specific rack space is at the discretion of the Rackage Committee and may be reviewed annually. The Rackage Committee will consider the following factors in assigning racks: 1) frequency of use, 2) seniority, 3) member’s volunteer contribution to the Club. Other factors that may be considered include the member’s physical abilities, rigger type, weight or size of boat.

    • Boats or racks which remain unused for an extended period of time may be reallocated. If a member is unable to use their boat or rack for part of or a whole season, that member is requested to inform the Rackage Committee so that alternative arrangements can be made.

  8. Members who wish to change their assigned rack location must submit their request in writing to the Rackage Committee. The Rackage Committee will assess the request and attempt to accommodate the request.

  9. Members must move their boats from the ballroom to the boat storage area in the spring and the reverse in the fall within a week of the opening/closing dates designated by the RCC.

  10. If a boat needs to be moved for operational reasons (maintenance), the Rackage Committee will provide 48 hours notice (if possible) to accommodate members making their own arrangements to move their boat; otherwise the Rackage Committee will carry out the move.
    Under exceptional, urgent circumstances, the Rackage Committee may move any boat as required.

  11. Disputes concerning boat storage, which are not resolved to the member’s satisfaction by
    the Rackage Committee, may be referred in writing to the Rowing Director.

  12. Fees

    • The fees for private boat storage will be reviewed annually. Current rates are specified on the membership form.

    • Boats belonging to members who have confirmed interest but not paid their annual fees by June 1, or made other arrangements with the club, will be removed

      from the private boat storage area.

  13. All privately owned equipment is stored at the risk of the owner. ONEC and the Rackage Committee do not assume responsibility for damage, loss or theft of members’ equipment stored on Club premises. It is the responsibility of the member to obtain appropriate insurance protection.

  14. By signing the membership form, members acknowledge having read, understood and agreed to the conditions of the ONEC Private Boat Storage Policy.

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