by Richard Vincent

with update and Photo collection & captions by John Moore

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The Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (ONEC or ONEC Sports) is one of the oldest multi-sport clubs in Canada with a historic Boathouse that is one of only four of its kind in Canada. Its history is interwoven with that of the City of Ottawa itself and continues to play a role in the social and athletic development of our community. Its colours — red, white, and black — have been proudly worn by many of Ottawa’s illustrious sports teams.  It has long been a meeting place for Ottawa’s sportspeople.
ONEC was established in 1883 as the Ottawa Canoe Club (OCC) on the banks of the mighty Ottawa River. The first boathouse was a floating structure and was moored at the foot of the Rideau Canal locks, near Parliament Hill. Sawdust in the water from Chaudière Falls’ mills provided a navigational deterrent, so in 1894, the Club relocated two miles downstream to Governor’s Bay, near the Governor General’s residence. For a generation until 1922, the club operated here, where OCC members stored their canoes, set forth on expeditions to adjacent rivers, raced in regattas, and swam.