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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The RCC would like to congratulate our 2021 Virtual Team Challenge Crew who completed a collective 2,429,712 metres.

That's like rowing from the Northern most part of Newfoundland all the way over to Reykjavík - the Capital of Iceland.

Our best performance in 16 years!

A message from the Team Captain:

What a tremendous effort. According to my records everyone met or surpassed their individual goals resulting in a team total of 2,429,712 metres, well past our team’s goal which was 1,930,000. This would be the best result for the ONEC Team in the 16 years of our participation. Thank you all for participating. I hope the event helped to ease the trials and tribulations of the COVID era.

Some incidental stats for the record:

Of the 76 on-water teams in our category (6-20 participants) our team was 22nd.

Of all 175 on-water teams we stood at 58th.

Of all 886 participating teams we finished at 149th.

Keep rowing to stay in condition and stay safe.


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