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Paddling Rescue Videos

Here are some links to various safety videos. Have a look as a refresher or in preparation for your orientation session. We don't use skirts with our kayaks. You are welcome to provide your own if you wish.

How to do a Wet Exit

This video shows how to do a wet exit with a skirt. The concepts are the same without a skirt but that much easier!

How to do a "T" Rescue

This is a basic 2 person rescue. You should know how to do this if you go beyond the Boathouse Zone.

How to do a Solo Rescue

This is an advanced skill you must have if you go beyond the Boathouse Zone by yourself . It is always recommended you kayak with a buddy. This is for advanced paddlers!

Additional Videos

There are many other kayaking and SUP instructional videos on the website that these links came from. Feel free to check out more here or find others on youtube.

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