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Sailing Program Awards and Recognitions

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The sailing season is over hence it is time to announce the 2022 winners of various awards and trophies:

You can see the complete list of all winners at

Here are the 2022 winners:

Steering Committee Trophies

Doug Symon Award - Member showing the keenest interest in Club activities.

Winners: Lasha Shaw-Korchynski and Noel Shaftoe

·Leo O’Byrne Award - Member doing the most for boats and docks maintenance

Winner: Owen King

·Broken Paddle Award – Member who provides maximum comic relief for the benefit of the Club members.

Winner: Rick Braden

·Fleet Captain's Award - Awarded to a member that was the recipient or the cause of a catastrophic equipment failure.

Winner: John Boucher (Failure of a CL-16 bow/mast step)

Fo'csle Award for Special Achievement - For special sailing achievement

Winner: Martin Rheaume (Judge at external international regattas)

Best New Skipper

Winner: Olivia Pelling

Racing Trophies

Bill Kerr Commodore Series (Commodore Cup RA Yacht Club 1967)

Winner: Owen King

Hollingsworth Series (HollingsworthTrophy)

Winner: Martin Rheaume

CL-16 Single Handed Championship (Knowles Trophy)

Winner: Owen King

Around Kettle Island

Winner CL-16: CL-16: Owen King/Pierre Laplante 3:38:00

Winner Laser: Laser: Philip Alsembach 3:20:00

Race to Parliament Hill

Winner: Colin Leger & Rick Braden 1:43:55

Laser Evening Series (RAYC Laser Evening Series Trophy)

June Series: Owen King

July Series: Owen King

Aug Series: Owen King

CL-16 Club Championship (RAYC The Wood Cup Class A Championship)

Winner: Martin Rheaume

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