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Sailing program closing workparty

On Oct 1st, starting at 0900, sailing members will start the tasks of shutting down the program and moving all equipment off-water. The more volunteers we have the faster the work will be done.

Highly recommend you bring lunch as the work will be continuing until the afternoon.

Here is a list of tasks to be completed:

1. Empty out most of the tool container leaving only a basic set of tools.

2 Empty out the sail trailer completely.

3. Derig all boats.

4. Move the masts and spars up. CL16 and Laser 2 masts go in the Red Cross trailer before the boxes of stuff. The other masts and spars should go in a garage with the doors on. As well the masts and spars which are on Laser racks will have to be moved.

5. Move up Picos, Lasers, Zest, Quest, and Laser 2 hulls. Some of these can be cartopped -

6. Move 6 CL16 hulls. These will have to go to Rockcliffe and be trailered.

7. The Picos have to be put on top of the CL16s and tarped.

This seems like a lot to accomplish in one weekend even if we can work both Saturday and Sunday. I have listed items in what may be priority order.

We can't move docks until all of the sailboat hulls are moved. I expect we won't get to start moving sailing docks until about the third week of October.

The rowing docks are going to have to stay in place until the first or second week in November to accommodate Elmwood. Once the rowing docks are moved, we will have to take out the two whalers at Rockcliffe. The Prince Craft will be left on shore as they were last year and the two inflatables will have to be taken up to the tennis oval.

Then the motors will have to be picked up for servicing and the containers will be taken away.

There will probably be a need to continue the work on Sunday as well. Hence a confirmation email will be sent to members on Saturday evening to confirm if volunteers are required on the Sunday and at what time.

Any questions, please contact

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