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Our Program

A fun way to connect with other ONEC rowers who are interested in venturing off to some of Ontario's great distance regattas, or maybe you're looking for some coaching in your pursuit of the perfect rowing stroke. Either way, we'd love to have you come join us for our structured coached workouts.  The ONEC Masters program is open to everyone and all boat types are welcome.  Workouts will be roughly 1.5 hours including: dynamic dryland warm-up, coached row and debrief with stretching.



Tuesdays at 06:00 Thursdays at 06:00 

The ONEC Masters program uses the ONEC Rowing Club Calendar.  Look for upcoming practices and RSVP right in the Calendar.

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Check out our Master Program photo gallery.  We hang out early at sunrise when the river is at its most beautiful.  We also venture off to some of Ontario's best regattas like Head of the Madawaska and Trent.



For further information, please email our ONEC Masters program co-coaches John Moore and Sherry Dolan. They'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the program.





A great way to stay connected with your fellow Masters' rowers.  Coaches will post resources such as blogs, videos and quick tips to help you become a better rower.  It is also the place to find practice lesson plans and details about the regattas we attend.





Rowing Canada Aviron recently updated their "Rules of Racing" document in January of 2022.  Use the button below to access the document - it contains everything you would ever need to know about participating in a Masters regatta.


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Registration for all Canadian sanctioned regattas can be found on Regatta Central - now with a fresh online update to the website as of 2022.  If you find a regatta you're interested in, you'll need to let your coaches John & Sherry know before registering.

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Head of the Madawaska


Hosted by

Burnstown Rowing Club


Head of the Madawaska takes place the first weekend in September after labor day.  The regatta is mid-sized, but retains a small and laid-back feel.  The location on the Madawaska river is beautiful.

Head of

the Rideau

Head of the Rideau.PNG

Hosted by

The Ottawa Rowing Club


Head of the Rideau takes place the third weekend in September.  It is a local regatta hosted by our rowing neighbouring rowing club.  The regatta is large, but is well organized and is local - making it easy to attend.

Head of

the Trent

Hosted by

The Peterborough RC


One of Canada's biggest and most exciting rowing regattas.  It takes place the first weekend in October on the Otonabee river as it winds its way through the University of Trent campus - making for some incredible views of the sport.


Practices &
Special Events

Each week we'll post new practices to view ahead of time.  See some of our sample practices from our 2021, 2022 and 2023 seasons below.  Can't wait to see you on the water for 2024.

View our Sample Practice's Below

Our goal for 2024 is to host some special events for ONEC Masters' rowers - like Guest Coaches, Rigging sessions and more  Special events will be promoted in the Masters Group Chat with sign up in the Rowing Calendar.

Asked Questions

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