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We operate a fleet of CL16s, Lasers, Laser 2s, Feva RSXLs, Topper Vibes, Picos, RS Quests and RS Zests. The CL16s and the Lasers are available to certified Sailing Members to take out on a first-come-first-served basis. All boats are used in the Sailing Day Camp.

CL 16

A sloop-rigged (two sails) fibreglass dinghy designed for day sailing in light winds and cruising. It is easily sailed by two but can carry three or four comfortably. It can be sailed with a spinnaker and trapeze. The CL16 is our basic adult training boat.

Length: 16′
Beam: 6′ 1″
Sail Area: 141 sq. ft.
Minimum Hull Weight: 365 lbs.


laser pico

A small sloop-rigged polyethylene dinghy. It is designed primarily for training and for daysailing and can be sailed by one or two people. It is the basic trainer in our summer sailing camps.

Length: 11’ 6”
Beam: 4’ 8”
Sail Area: 66 sq. ft.
Minimum Hull Weight: 154 lbs or 132
Ideal Crew Weight:  32-60  kg (70-132 lb)


A cat-rigged (only one sail) fibreglass dinghy designed for sailing with one person. A very simple rig but fast in good winds.

Length: 13’ 10”
Beam: 4’ 6”
Sail Area: 76 sq. ft.
Minimum Hull Weight: 130 lbs.
Ideal crew weight 67 – 90kg (147-198 lbs)



Teach a friend, learn from a friend, or race with a friend. This is the boat you can start with, and never outgrow.

Length: 4.3 meters
Beam: 1.4 meters
Sail Area: 11.5 sq. meters (21.5 sq. meters with spinnaker)
Minimum Hull Weight: 76 kg
Ideal Crew Weight:  120-170 kg



A sloop-rigged polyethylene dinghy designed for one or two youth. It is equipped with a gennaker.

Length: 12’
Beam: 4’ 8”
Sail Area: 90 sq. ft.
Gennaker: 73 sq. ft.
Minimum Hull Weight: 139 lbs
Ideal crew weight: 185-240 lbs.


Topper vibe

The Vibe is a great introduction to performance sailing for young, lightweight sailors who want instantly accessible exciting sailing. Few other boats offer so much excitement in such a controllable and accessible package.

Length: 3.8 meters
Beam: 1.66 meters
Sail Area: 9.11 sq. meters (17.5 sq. meters with spinnaker)
Minimum Hull Weight: 70 kg
Ideal Crew Weight:  130 kg


RS Quest

A polyethylene dinghy designed for up to three crew.

Length: 4.29m (14'1")
Beam: 1.83m (6'0")
Main Sail: 8.4m² (90ft²)
Jib: 2.7m² (29ft²)
Hull Weight: 140 kg (309 lbs)
Max crew weight: 365 kg (805 lbs)

RS Zest

A polyethylene dinghy designed for up to two crew.

Length: 3.59m (11'9")
Beam: 1.47m (4'10")
Main Sail: 6m² (59ft²)
Jib: 1.1m² (12.5ft²)
Hull Weight: 73kg (161lbs)
Max crew weight: 225kg (496lbs)

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