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Please see a message below from Ontario Adventure Racing (OAR) regarding the potential for a French River tour in September 2024.


Message from Ontario Adventure Rowing:

Based on responses that we received to last year's survey, OAR is looking into hosting a 4 day (3 days of rowing) tour in the French River area from September 4-8, 2024. We would be planning to stay at Bear's Den Lodge and launching from there each day.

Cottages - Bear's Den Lodge - Fishing French River

Cottages - Bear's Den Lodge - Fishing French River From guided fishing tours - photo adventures to even meal plans we have warm roofed cottage accommodations to me...

September is still a busy time of the year in this area and in order to hold some cabins we are trying to establish how many folks would be seriously interested in participating in this tour.

Accommodation and food will be approx $925 per person (HST and gratuities are not included and it's BYO any alcohol). We have not worked out the tour fee itself as yet.

Have a look at the lodge and surrounding waterways, check your calendars, feel free to share this with anyone else who may be interested and please let me know ASAP IF you can see yourself signing up for this. We would likely need actual financial commitment towards the end of March as deposits will be required to hold the cabins for us.

Many thanks for giving this some thought as I realize that Sept seems rather a long way off! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Ontario Adventure Rowing

Monika palitza

I'd love to, but I think my existing plans will max out my vacation already. :(

It's a beautiful spot, though! I was on a canoe trip there last year, in exactly that same location. It's gorgeous scenery, and different from Eastern Ontario or Algonquin Park. Well worth a trip! I hope you get enough people to go and everyone has a blast. :)



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