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Please see a message below from Ontario Adventure Rowing


OAR is hosting a FREE, virtual, interactive, safety session to encourage discussion and awareness of how we can all work together to be advocates for safe rowing, at our home clubs, tours or anytime that we're on the water enjoying this sport that we love.

Knowledge is Safety! (FREE online session)

Would you like to know more about the possible hazards involved in rowing on open water? Peter Jepson will lead some one-hour Zoom sessions in which the hazards every OAR participant – especially those interested in putting a little more Adventure into their rowing - should be aware of, will be explained. We will work together and discuss their root causes, what preparations should be made, and how one should react if a problem does occur. Each session will be limited to 8 participants so that they are truly interactive. The first two sessions will be Tuesday 16 January at 6 pm, and Saturday 20 January at 11 am. Register by e-mail to Peter at .


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