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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

ONEC is excited to announce that two beautiful new LEVATOR 1X racing shells have arrived in Ottawa and are ready to row.

This past weekend, Jonathan Morris took a 6 hour trip down to Dorchester, Ontario - the home of Levator Boatworks to pick up two new rowing shells.

They've made it back safe & sound and are now officially part of the expanding ONEC fleet - and look amazing.

ONEC is excited to have partnered with one of our Great Canadian boat builders. LEVATOR boats are built by Jürgen Kaschper, who is a second generation boat builder. His apprenticeship started in 1972 under the direction of his father Jakob, founder of Kaschper Racing Shells.

From Levator Boatworks:

"With the Kaschper heritage of boat-building prowess as a foundation, Jürgen introduces up-to-the-minute technical innovation to create personalized, world-class racing singles that range from lost art wooden boats that embrace a timeless aesthetic to competitive, creative-tech composite racers.

In Dorchester, Ontario (minutes from Lake Fanshawe and a half-hour from Lake Erie) where he lives with Grete, his wife and partner of 30 years, Jürgen’s personal life echoes his professional one.

Grete, a Brock University graduate, lifetime sculler, and fitness and rehabilitation professional currently practices electromyography, complements Jürgen’s expertise by addressing the human mechanics side of the rowing equation. Together Jürgen and Grete represent a marriage between musculature and vessel: a marriage that has become the forward-moving point through the generations of boat-building ingenuity.

The result is something more than the work of the artisan or technician who has merely committed his head and hands to his craft. Jürgen also possesses that intangible that separates the master from the manufacturer. The heart of the craftsman is his work shop, the creative palate where the tools / inventions / materials coexist... Jürgen welcomes visitors to his environment."

The Boats

ONEC's two new boats are from the LEVATOR racer series. They are built with sleekness and speed in mind, but are stable and comfortable. These boats are built to last a lifetime and over the years will be able to provide countless rowers the opportunity to experience a great rowing experience while focusing on finding their personal best in rowing and fitness.

Blue Levator (Personal Racer)

  • Heavyweight boat: 175 - 225 lbs

  • Top of the line Racer Series

  • Responsive 6K high-modulus carbon construction

  • High strength rigging with titanium pins

  • Elite shoes

  • View more details here

Yellow Levator (Basic Racer)

  • Midweight boat: 130 - 175 lbs

  • Performance boat with superior comfort

  • Fast and reliable for all scullers

  • View more details here


The Goal

From Jürgen:

"Maximum performance, every row, every race."

"Realizing perfect unity between sculler, boat and water... Therein lies the MAGIC"

The Names

The RCC is looking at finding new names for our new boats! Have an idea for a great name? Leave a suggestion in the comments below.


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