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Members Training

Updated: May 26, 2022

New members training/orientation will soon start. On Saturday May 28th at 1000, we will have a general training session for everyone.

Update: Weather forecast has changed for the worst and it does not look good for Saturday morning. We will provide an update, by email, on Friday afternoon if Dryland will be in person or by zoom.

It will be on land (near the tennis courts) so no one feet will get wet on this occasion !

We will discuss general information related to the sailing program (procedures, boats, safety, weather, communications), the training program (how it works and requirements to sail boats without supervision) as well as some lessons that were learned the hard way (What to wear and what not to wear). If we have time, we will also teach some knots !

Non-members are also welcome to show up and ask questions from experience members.

Starting on May 30th, we will begin the on-water training.

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