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Moonlight Quad Row

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

On Wednesday evening July 13, five intrepid rowers ventured out on to the great Ottawa River for an hour and a half in search of the moon. While the moon, forecast to be the most magnificent of the year, stayed hidden behind the clouds, the rowers were treated to a fantastic sunset. As one rower eloquently described it “. . . a beautiful sunset with all the light shades of pink and purple fading into the blue sky . . . with a finish of red magma strips and indigo over the Gatineau.” The red was also reflected in the windows of buildings on the Ottawa side of the river, enhancing the beauty of the moment.

The rowers were then engulfed by the blackness of the night, with the lights on both sides of the river reflected on the still river providing a colorful waterscape. All agreed that the row was a worthwhile and beautiful adventure!

Alistair Hensler

(photo credit: J. Moore; taken in Northern Ontario with a Celestron Next Star Schmidt-Cassegrain / iPhone system)

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