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Oct 15/16 Rowing work parties

Yes, it's that time again! The rowing season is drawing to a close, and members will be asked to volunteer for work parties on October 15 and 16, when we'll shut down our shoreline operations and move our boats (one last time?) to the NCC's Woodroffe warehouse.

Teams will be organized on Saturday, Oct. 15 to de-rig and clean boats, pack up contents of the shoreline container, and move everything up to the Tennis Circle trailer.

More volunteers will be needed on Sunday, Oct. 16 to load our shells onto a trailer and unload them at the warehouse. Two trips will be required.

You'll receive an email with details in the coming days. Please reply promptly so we can set up the various teams. If you don't receive an email by the end of September, contact Mary so we can send you the information.

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