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Wanted: 1X Adventure Rowers

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

As we all optimistically anticipate getting back on the water at some point in the 2021 rowing season, with the ongoing pandemic, there may well still be continuing uncertainties about when we will safely be allowed to row/tour in quads.   However, we are aware of some (but certainly not all) individuals who are owners of open-water, touring-style single (1x) shells** who may or may not be a member of a club, but who might have interest in participating in a 1x row using their own personal equipment.

This would be a safely distanced, flotilla-style row following all COVID guidelines in place at the time of the event. We are reaching out to ascertain if there are any 1x or possibly 2x crews (as permitted in COVID guidelines) who could transport their own boat, who would be interested in travelling to a pre-arranged location of reasonably sheltered water for a day row. 

We are looking at June 5, 2021, most likely in the Trent or Otonabee River area but details will be confirmed closer to the time, taking any COVID restrictions into account.  This outing would be BYOB (boat), oars, PFD’s, hand sanitizers and likely snacks/lunch as well.

This is not an official Ontario Adventure Rowing event, but depending on the level of interest and feedback, OAR would consider the possibility of organizing Adventure Rowing in smaller boats - even after we are out of the COVID pandemic.

If you would like to join the group but don’t have a suitable boat, please let us know as it may be possible to share boats and bicycles (half a day rowing, the other half biking).

Please send expressions of interest and any questions to Shelagh Baker or Kirsten Ryan

Suitable open-water boats for Adventure Rowing include: Alden, Maas, Echo, Durham, Liteboat, and Eurodiffusion boats

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