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ONEC hosts several events on an annual basis.  Scroll below to see what's on offer and for registration details.



The Canadian Sculling Marathon is held in late August. It is a fun, participative event stressing endurance. Usually, it is 42, 21, and 10 km on the Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers, but in 2018 it was a 65.5 km row from Ottawa to Montebello on the mighty Ottawa River and in 2020 it went virtual by necessity due to the global pandemic and was one of only a few Rowing events in all of Canada that year - Supported by Rowing Canada & Row Ontario.

FULL & Half marathon challenges - An endurance challenge for scullers

Since 2005, the rowing section of the Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (ONEC) has organized an annual distance challenge using touring, coastal, and open water shells on the Ottawa River: the Canadian Sculling Marathon (CSM). Inspired by the world-renowned Canadian Ski Marathon, it stresses participation, fitness, endurance and fun!

A distance event under the banner of the Ontario Adventure Rowing Association, the CSM usually offers a choice of a full marathon (42 km) or a half marathon (21 km) distances with a circuit starting and finishing at or near the ONEC boathouse and taking in some of the capital’s most famous landmarks.

The full and half marathons are considered tours and are sanctioned as such. Stable boats are used for safety and to ensure that the event always occurs. The 42 km generally starts at 7 am and the 21 km starts at 8 am, usually on a Sunday in late August.

2024 date & registration coming soon

CSM: 10 km friendly (not available in 2024)

The CSM 10 km Friendly is a fun event for ONEC members which is held on the Saturday before the longer marathons. The event is free to existing ONEC members. Guests are asked to pay a small one-day ONEC membership fee to cover the insurance requirements.

This event is open to scullers of all levels and open to all shells. Come in a single, join up in a double or quad. The challenge is to row around Kettle Island in your best time. The start time is generally 8 am on a Saturday in late August.



Petrie Island Relay

We’ve built up our endurance, let's put it to use for the relay quad row to Petrie Island. One crew rows to Petrie and the second crew rows back to ONEC. While at Petrie, everyone gets to enjoy post or pre row refreshments.

Your Touring Committee will organize the car shuttles and refreshments. Its a great way to start wrapping up the ONEC touring season or to prepare for the Icicle Chase in October.

The charge for the row is only $5.00 to help cover the cost of the refreshments and parking for the shuttles.

2024 date & registration coming soon

Image by Elle Cosgrave


3 buoys

The Three Buoys Challenge is an annual ONEC event hosted by Jonathan Morris.  It is a fun participatory challenge that involves going around three river buoys.

Awards focus on participation and most improved.

2024 date & registration coming soon



Time Trials

Time Trials have run at ONEC for many years.  Time Trials allow participants to set goals and attain new personal bests and fitness goals over the course of three sessions - early, mid and late season.

2024 date & registration coming soon

Crossfit Rowing Machines



Join Alistair as he leads a Team for the Concept 2 January Erg Challenge every year.  This event is a great way to bring in the new year and tackle those New Years resolutions.  For further details you can get in touch with Alistair by Email at

For ONEC Rowing members and friends.

Registration is on the Concept2 webpage




ONEC winter sports programming is expanding this year!  We'll be taking advantage of the many beautiful winter trails throughout our National Capital Region.

All summer members are welcome to join and there are no additional fees to take advantage of our winter programming.

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