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Hi everyone

I am a tennis member at ONEC and I discovered a new passion for kayaking. I've kayak 3 or 4 times in my life. I would like to do Kayak with someone that could explain me how it works to become a member, how to use the kayak, have some tips, and make friends.

My name is Stevie Souvenir 613-282-5546

Bonjour à vous

Je suis un membre du club de tennis ONEC et j'aimerais pratiquer davantage le kayak. Je cherche à avoir des informations sur la pratique et sur comment ca fonctionne. J'ai fait du kayak 3 ou 4 fois dans ma vie et j'aimerais en faire plus. Je cherche à avoir des informations supplémentaires et j'aimerais socialiser autour de cette belle activité.


Hi Stevie, we have an on water skills check for new members tomorrow, Wednesday at 5:30pm at the River House. This session is for people who have registered for a membership to show them the facilities and check abilities to paddle safely around the docks. We could show you around and answer any further questions then, Once this on water check is complete members receive a booking password to utilize the boats. We also have instructional clinics (July 11th and July 16th) offered on a pay as you go basis and if you do one of these clinics it replaces the on water skills check. You can email me at to answer any further questions. Merci, Karen Butterfield (Paddling Director).



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