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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

As ONEC works on looking towards the future and updating our online presence, we also take some time to look back at what makes our Club so special.

Take a moment to reflect on our shared past and enjoy the fantastic historical report written by Richard Vincent with updates & photo collection with captions and additional facts by John Moore.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Club in 2022. Here's to another year of making memories...

Text & Photos updated March 21, 2022

A huge Thank you goes to Alan McCullough from SailONEC for doing such an incredible job preserving our past with his online historical archive full of fantastic photos, stories and reports.

Here's one of many memories in the updated "Brief History of ONEC" by Richard Vincent.


The exact date of this photo is unknown, but is most likely from the 1940s. The Ottawa New Edinburgh Club Boathouse has long been a popular hangout for ONEC members and was still hosting social gatherings up until the closure of the boathouse in late 2018 for renovations.

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