Max Finkelstein’s Introduction to Big Canoe Paddling Course

Max Finkelstein is a renowned author and canoeist who has paddled from sea to sea in Canada and from Ottawa to Washington.Max Finkelstein had given Paddle Canada ‘Big Canoe’ instruction since 2017.  Below are details of his upcoming course being given at ONEC:


  • Saturday, June 15 at 10 am – 3.30 pm


  • Meet on the shore of the Ottawa River to the east of the ONEC boathouse (501 Sir George Étienne Parkway). 

What you’ll learn

  • Basic paddle strokes so that you can manoeuvre a big canoe from the bow, stern, and middle positions. 
  • How to have fun paddling a big canoe – forwards, backwards, sideways, racing, 
  • You can qualify for a Paddle Canada Introductory Big Canoe certificate – a $15 additional surcharge is payable to Max.