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Connect with the National Capital's vibrant waterway and watersports community on the Ottawa River.

Have the freedom to book a boat when it suits your personal schedule with our online reservation system.

Small personal class sizes or one-on-one rowing instruction for all learning styles and abilities.


About ONEC

Located just minutes from downtown Ottawa, ONEC Rowing runs out of the renowned heritage boathouse located on the south bank of the Ottawa River.


ONEC offers a wide range of sculling programs. Sculling is rowing with two oars. It is a symmetrical, low impact, all body fitness activity that has been enjoyed in Canada since the late 19th century.

Members of all skill levels are welcome – whether they’re recreational or competitive. Boats are club-owned and can accommodate all skill levels from beginners to expert.

A number of group rowers and tour leaders are bilingual and are always ready to communicate in French or English.

Once you’ve become a member, you’ll hone your skills under the watchful eye of experienced instructors, discover the beautiful Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers (as well as the rivers and lakes beyond), and make new friends. Participate in our group rows, clinics, tours, marathons, erg challenge and pub nights.


ONEC’s online boat reservation system also gives members the freedom to scull when it suits their schedule.



See what's happening on our Rowing events calendar or visit us on Meetup.

Photo Gallery

Lot's of great photos here to see what were all about.  Visit our Photo Gallery.

Learn to Row


Have you always wanted to learn the sport of rowing?  Our Learn to Row program is taught by Row Ontario Certified or in-training Coaches.  You will receive 10 sessions of instruction.  We teach sculling, which is rowing with two oars and is a symmetrical, low impact and full body sport.

Registration starts early winter 2024.  Classes fill up quickly.  You can read more about our programs by visiting our Learn to Row page by using the button below.  If you have a question about our program, don't hesitate to send us a message using the “Get in Touch” form at the bottom of this page.

Registration closed.  Join our 2025 waitlist by clicking 'learn more'

Rowing Pro


For all the changes that happen around us in life there are some constants and one of those is the way to move a rowing boat across the water in an enjoyable and efficient manner. Over the centuries changes in blade and boat design have altered some aspects of technique but it is still refined down to three elements; blade entry to the water, blade exit from the water and movement of the body in between strokes.


I have been so lucky in my life to have worked with amazing coaches and rowers who have taught me how to understand these elements. I will do my best to pass on this knowledge to you in a way that will allow you to discover the joy of stroke making for yourself.




Adventure awaits. Our Touring committee is always hard at work finding new places for us to explore.  Find information here on our Touring opportunities and Group Rows.


Join us for coached practices every Tuesday and Thursday morning and work on developing your fitness and boat handling skills.  We attend several head regattas each fall.

Distance Program

Our ONEC Rowing distance program is for those who love the challenge of distance and endurance events.  This program is led by our head Coach Norma Strachan.

Sports For
All Program

ONEC believes that the sport of rowing should be enjoyed by all.  That's why we run free programming designed to remove barriers to sport participation.  See what we have on offer this year.

CSM & 
Special Events

Learn more about what we have on offer at ONEC Rowing, including our premier event - the annual Canadian Sculling Marathon.  There's something for everyone.



ONEC is a proud member of Rowing Canada which allows us to participate in various Tours and Regattas across Canada. The Rowing Canada mission is to inspire Canadians through the sport of rowing; promote physical and mental wellbeing; foster safe, diverse and vibrant communities across Canada; create opportunities and pathways for Canadians to be the best they can be.

Ontario Adventure Rowing

ONEC is a proud member of Ontario Adventure Rowing which allows us to participate in Tour Rowing across the beautiful waterways of Ontario.   The Ontario Adventure Rowing mission is to: • To promote distance rowing, including touring and adventure rowing; • To organize rowing tours and distance events in Ontario and nearby jurisdictions; • To provide opportunities for people of all ages to participate in distance rowing; • To support the sport of rowing at the local, provincial and Canadian levels; and • To provide fitness opportunities and amenities to benefit the community.

Kids Camps


Register kids 11-17 years old for summer day camp in July and August.


Participants learn rowing skills according to the ONEC Waterfront Skills program and also have the chance to learn basic skills and have fun on Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs).

We're here for everyone!




Working together to create inclusive, free community programming.



We're here for everyone and fully believe that the Ottawa River should be experienced and shared with all.

That's why we're committed to creating special community programming designed to remove barriers and increase participation for equity-deserving and underrepresented populations in sport.

Rowing Photo Gallery


Our History


To honour the history, dedication and current initiatives of each rowing community, Row Ontario has produced a series of profiles on member clubs across Ontario. Today we get to know more about the Ottawa New Edinburgh Club!

The Ottawa New Edinburgh Club, known as ONEC, has a long and storied history in the Ottawa region as one of the oldest, multi-sport clubs in Canada. ONEC was first established in 1883 as the Ottawa Canoe Club on the banks of the Ottawa River...

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